Financial Statements

Bayer Group Consolidated Statements of Changes in Equity

     [Table 26]
 Capital stock of Bayer AGCapital reserves of Bayer AGOther reserves Equity attributable to Bayer AG stockholdersEquity attributable to non-controlling interestEquity
 € million€ million€ million€ million€ million€ million
Dec. 31, 20132,1176,16712,43420,7188620,804
Equity transactions with owners    
Capital increase/
Dividend payments(1,737)(1,737)(1)(1,738)
Other changes11(1)
Total comprehensive income4674678475
June 30, 20142,1176,16711,16519,4499219,541
Dec. 31, 20142,1176,16711,82220,10611220,218
Equity transactions with owners      
Capital increase/
Dividend payments(1,861)(1,861)(6)(1,867)
Other changes
Total comprehensive income4,0524,052204,072
June 30, 20152,1176,16714,01322,29712622,423
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