Financial Statements

Bayer Group Consolidated Statements of Financial Position

  [Table 24]
 June 30,
June 30,
Dec. 31,
 € million€ million€ million
Noncurrent assets   
Other intangible assets10,05615,68615,653
Property, plant and equipment10,06111,87311,428
Investments accounted for using the equity method198240223
Other financial assets1,2671,1361,107
Other receivables441404447
Deferred taxes1,6043,2532,981
Current assets   
Trade accounts receivable9,42311,2429,097
Other financial assets617816723
Other receivables1,4801,4961,488
Claims for income tax refunds463506588
Cash and cash equivalents1,2283,2471,853
Assets held for sale and discontinued operations363183
Total assets54,93975,62070,234
Capital stock of Bayer AG2,1172,1172,117
Capital reserves of Bayer AG6,1676,1676,167
Other reserves11,16514,01311,822
Equity attributable to Bayer AG stockholders19,44922,29720,106
Equity attributable to non-controlling interest92126112
Noncurrent liabilities   
Provisions for pensions and other post-employment benefits9,82411,17612,236
Other provisions1,8772,1002,016
Financial liabilities8,00817,17818,484
Other liabilities3051,0951,088
Deferred taxes714884689
Current liabilities   
Other provisions5,3685,7164,912
Financial liabilities3,5897,6763,376
Trade accounts payable4,1365,2395,363
Income tax liabilities857463
Other liabilities1,4921,9451,789
Liabilities directly related to assets held for sale and discontinued operations114
Total equity and liabilities 54,93975,62070,234
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